Organized cybercriminals are after one thing—your data. Security management safeguards your data against sophisticated threats, sharpens risk visibility, eases regulatory compliance, and improves your overall security posture. Our solutions integrates smoothly with systems management for greater efficiency and control over your mixed IT environment.


LANDESK Security Suite

LANDESK Security Suite delivers layered endpoint protection without compromising user productivity.

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LANDESK Patch Manager

LANDESK Patch Manager evaluates, tests, and applies patches across the enterprise easily and automatically to drastically simplify your efforts. Remediate thousands of systems with one task—and without saturating your network.

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WinMagic Secure Doc Encryption

WinMagic’s SecureDoc manages everything encryption within the enterprise, whether it’s FDE, removable media or individual files and folders.

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LANDESK Anti-Virus

LANDESK Antivirus Manager is powered by Kaspersky Lab and is an add-on product to LANDESK Security Suite. Protect against viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits, bootkits, keyloggers, screencapture malware, botnets, zero-day attacks, drive-by download infections, and other malicious vectors.

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