Devices don’t print-people do. Our solutions are designed to make people more mindful about their printing choices while providing an experience that is simple, secure and flexible. With our industry-leading technologies and printing expertise, we are able to serve the unique needs of our customers in various industries and sectors.


Pharos UniPrint

Multi-vendor secure pull printing, job-level data collection, and pay-for-print solutions.  Extensive reporting on devices, users, documents, status, usage, cost, history, trends.

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Pharos BluePrint

Blueprint Enterprise delivers secure printing, cost savings, and waste reduction by providing information companies need to optimize their equipment fleet and investments, modify user behavior, and take meaningful action today, and throughout the future.

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PrinterLogic’s web-based application eliminates print servers and delivers a single integrated platform that increases functionality and lowers cost. It also reduces headaches and saves valuable time by giving you central management over your entire print environment, while empowering end users to self-install their own printers.Read More