Are your Apps secure?

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Preparation may be expensive but being surprised costs a lot more.

There’s an app for anything. Modern companies in all industries have joined the app economy as consumers increasingly rely on apps to manage their lives during lockdown – and will continue to into the future.


Producing apps at speed calls for agility and continual improvement processes. The quality of code security may well be exposing you, your business and your customers. You need effective and safe applications to support your business, whether you develop them yourself or use external providers.

In both cases, all companies have similar needs:

  • To detect security vulnerabilities early and fix them before they are deployed\
  • To reduce the number of bugs affecting the performance and efficiency of their software
  • To manage the costs associated with development and maintenance properly
  • To gain greater control of their application development.

Kiuwan addresses all the above needs, regardless of the size and level of complexity of the development process and helps organisations build security into every step of the DevOps process.

Kiuwan application security solutions help improve application security, offering features that empower executives and developers with state-of-the-art security and advanced business analytics. Kiuwan solves the risks and threats that affect productivity, management, life cycle and governance of any application portfolio.

Kiuwan Code Security checks application source code for compliance with over 25 industry security standards, applying more than 4,000 rules that are constantly updated. It supports over 30 programming languages, from legacy languages such as COBOL and RPG to the latest languages for web and mobile development.

With over 12,000 users, across 200 companies in 25 countries, Kiuwan can automatically scan code to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Kiuwan is a part of Idera, Inc.’s DevOpsTools business, which also includes TestRail, Travis CI, Ranorex, and Assembla.




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