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Network traffic analytics accelerates threat detection

By April 16, 2019December 6th, 2022No Comments

South African IT solutions provider Blue Label Technology Solutions is strengthening South African companies’ ability to save time and rapidly detect late-stage and insider cyber threats by leveraging network traffic analytics.

By using network communications as the foundational data source, BLTS, which has been a solution provider in the South African market for over 20 years, believes network traffic analytics is the ultimate way to detect and investigate security threats across the network.

“It’s only by providing complete east-west transaction visibility that an analyst can have high-fidelity insight into threat behaviours. Our solution changes security analysts into threat experts at scale and in real-time,” says BLTS GM Ricky Correia.

“It’s the broadening of attack surface, however, that calls for the power of behavioural profiling through network traffic analytics. This, to balance real-time asset insights with machine learning-based analytics,” says Correia. “Simplifying a senior analyst’s task and providing timely detail on users and devices help optimise rogue device detection, insider threat investigations, threat hunting and forensics.”

The solution, says Correia, is to build multiple analytic models and use advanced machine learning to analyst skills and expedite validation.

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