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The new normal has substantially increased home device usage amongst the remote workforce, unintentionally introducing many security implications to business. As effective as security policies may be, home devices can expose organisations to cyber risks and need to be brought to light.

Studies warn of the security complexity and risks posed by connected devices—both those used by employees at home, and those left idle but connected to the office network. A recent survey reveals that the number of devices or sensors in active use within an organisation without IT’s knowledge (shadow IoT devices) has escalated by a staggering 80% over the past 12 months. These IoT devices include laptops, mobile phones, IP phones, printers, tablets, fitness trackers, treadmills or smart home gadgets like voice assistants.

We are here to help IT teams leverage solutions that manage and secure their customers’ networks.

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ExtraHop, an award-winning cybersecurity solution, delivers cloud-native network detection and response that helps organisations of all sizes manage and secure their networks. ExtraHop discovers and identifies all devices connected to the network, their properties and the roles they play so organisations can quickly and proactively manage and secure their enterprises

For more information about how ExtraHop brings threats to light, visit or talk to me about your security concerns and let’s find the solution together.

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