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Identify unknown malware and keep your organisation safe online

By April 28, 2020December 6th, 2022No Comments

Flexible, remote working is the new normal and by now your IT teams have set up your employees to be productive and implemented work-from-home security policies. Now your real concern is closing the gaps created by unsafe Wi-Fi networks, employees using personal devices for work and end-users accidentally clicking on malicious links or downloading infected files.

You may be confident that your organisation is protected by the antivirus solution you have in place but cybercriminals work quickly and create new viruses faster than antivirus developers can manufacture cures.

We want to do our part and help your organisation stay safe online.

This is why we are making Thor Foresight free for 90 days (starting with the day you sign up) so that any business can operate securely during these trying times.

A few reasons why Thor Foresight from Heimdal is a great choice for remote workers:

  • Your business will be protected from ransomware. If employees accidentally click on malicious links or download infected files, Thor Foresight will block ransomware infections. Data exfiltration will also not be possible even if there is an existing infection on the device.
  • Phishing links will be blocked and cyber attackers won’t get the chance to trick your employees into providing their login credentials on fake websites.
  • Thor Foresight uses Machine Learning to identify yet unknown financial and data stealing malware that won’t be detected by traditional antivirus solutions.
  • You can update your 3rd-party software and Windows systems. Here you can find out why keeping up with your patching is crucial.
  • Thor Foresight is fully compatible with any existing antivirus software and provides extra layers of protection.

Contact us on to get your free Thor Foresight licences and explore how we can help you protect your employees and your organisation.

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